The Collected Tales of Oakley and Bella


All four Oakley and Bella tales are combined into one volume in this beautifully illustrated childrens book.

Follow Dalmatians Oakley and Bella as they learn about friendship, and growing up, through their exciting adventures.

Available in eBook, paperback and hardcover from all your favourite retailers including Amazon, B&, BookDepository, and Walmart.

The four tales included are:
-How Oakley Lost His Spots
Oakley is a Dalmatian who doesn’t have any spots. Convinced by his friend Rover that he has lost them, he sets off to find his spots, only to find out that Dalmatians aren’t born with spots and that they all develop at different times.
-When Oakley Met Bella
Oakley is a Dalmatian who enjoys living with his owners. But one day, his owners tell him they are about to get another dog. Oakley worries that he will miss out on attention and treats from his owners, but he doesn't count on the extra enjoyment he gets from having another dog around. A perfect story for explaining a new baby to older siblings.
-Oakley and Bella Meet Puss
Oakley and Bella are Dalmatians whose owner introduces them to a new pet – a fluffy cat called Puss. Oakley is desperate to be friends with Puss and this story follows his journey to find out what friendship means to different creatures.
-Oakley and Bella on Holiday
Oakley and Bella are taken to Paris on holiday by their owners in this playful new story where they learn the value of friendship.

These stories are perfect "read-to-me" books for 2 to 5 year olds