About DC Swain

DC Swain is an author of books for all ages, including the popular Down in the Garden and How High Will It Fly? picture books, Crossing Lines and the Freddie Figg series.

He believes in creating stories that keep readers engaged, while teaching simple life lessons. He has collaborated with illustrators from around the globe and only publishes stories that get his daughters' seal of approval.

He lives in a state of permanent chaos with his wife, daughters and the real-life Oakley and Bella.

To contact DC Swain, email contact@dcswain.com


The concept or idea for the story comes first, then the illustrations, then the words themselves.
Stories like the "Oakley and Bella" series came from real life experiences, with the real life Oakley, Bella and Puss (who has sadly passed away). Watching their adventures and mischief was a great source of imagination and creativity, as they never cease to get each other into trouble.

The rhyming stories came from a desire to have nice bedtime stories to read, with luscious illustrations to bring the world of the story to life. 

After coming up with the backbone to the story, DC Swain finds an illustrator and provides concept drawings. The talented illustrators take those drawings and work their magic, producing beautiful works of art. These work as the perfect backdrop to come up with rich verse to complete the picture.
Concept Sketches from DC Swain and Completed Artwork
Anna Bonita - Down in the Garden Series
Development Sketches and Completed Art
Iuliana Iordachescu - How High Will It Fly Series